Waalwijk / Netherlands

We were able to generate another order for the largest online bookseller in the Netherlands. In addition to Dutch and English book titles, CDs, DVDs, videos and games are also offered. After an intensive preparatory work (e.g. quotation, design of the machine technology), we delivered a total of 3 screw compactors with Y-hopper and 5 containers in November 2020. For the first time, we designed and produced a very special version of the “Y-hopper”; with a total of 3 „legs“. The second special feature of this project is that the cardboards are fed via two conveyor belts into our machines. The conveyor belts in turn are fed via lift-and-tilt devices. Due to the very high volume of cardboards, the screw compactors are equipped with our most powerful main drive motors and pre-crushers. Furthermore, a very large extraction system was considered to eliminate the dust.