Ostalb-district / Germany

Good things take time

After the first contacts in january 2019, many appointments and tough contract negotiations in the summer of 2020 the time had finally come. An agreement for at least 15 locations and a term until december 2022 was signed with a local waste disposal company in the Ostalb-district.

Modern design meets sophisticated equipment

Each location consitsts of three underground systems for glass and one for metal/cans. In addition to the visual upgrading of each location, the lower noise also has a positive effect on the environment. All underground systems are equipped with a special noise-insulating foam. Conversations with residents confirmed the positive appearance they spoke out in favor of further installations of our underground units.

Soon also in the residential/housing economy

After 9 locations (as of April 2021) in the Ostalb-district have already been realized at public accessible places, large housing associations have now also become aware of our future oriented collection of recyclables; the starting shot is expected to be given in late summer 2021. Then, close- by the new housings, plastics, paper/cardboard, residual- and organic waste can be disposed.

Smart underground systems

In addition to an electronic identification system for the filling chute, all systems are equipped with filling level sensors. These sensors provide the current fillig level via a GSM module, which leads to efficient and CO2-saving disposal tours.