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  • Stahlbehälterbau GREIS - since more than 50 years
  • H&G Entsorgungssysteme - Ideas for a cleaner environment
  • SFG STEELforming - Steel – brought into shape

Dynamism as a corporate principle

Three companies, one partnership.



What unites them is the material, steel – and the values the Siegerland has always stood for: engineering efficiency, diligence and reliability – principles we live by, on which our enthusiasm and perfection are built.

And there‘s one more thing that determines their success: innovative thinking and the ability not only to formulate visions but to turn them into forward-looking, trend-setting ideas. The result is a creative unrest that manifests itself as a spirit of energetic dynamism and progress. Fascinating proof of this is the development of an entirely new dimension in the field of modern waste disposal.

Here, the power of regional tradition and fresh ideas have created convincing products providing intelligent solutions: Screw Compactors, Underground container collection systems and steel tanks, but also large-scale formed elements in steel. In the course of almost 50 years, the uncompromising utilization of synergies and production at their own works in Germany have given this partnership of companies, now in the third generation of family ownership, real significance. In some areas of waste disposal, the H&G partnership has achieved the position of market leader due to its innovative disposal solutions – and progressive municipal authorities and large international companies as its customers.

Three sound companies.
Dynamic on the market.
Strong in partnership.

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