At home all over the world


As an owner-managed, traditional family business, we set a global focus with a clear commitment to the development and production site in our home region of Siegerland. We have been working the national and international markets successfully for 60 years.

We develop both standardized and individual solutions in the field of disposal technology for the compaction of recyclables and waste.  Our product portfolio: screw compactors, underground collection systems, steel tanks and special containers, steel products, as well as large-sized art works made of steel. Today, our products are working reliably in more than 35 countries on all continents.

Our competent, versatile and multicultural team currently consists of around 150 employees in production and administration at the site in Burbach-Niederdresselndorf.

Respect. Reliability. Inventiveness. With us, everyone is “part of the game”. And we have fun doing what we do.

Corporate culture

As an organization, we define ourselves through inspiring purpose, shared goals, and effective strategy.

We cultivate our values and translate them into desired norms and behaviors which are promoted, communicated and set as examples through actions.

We exemplify desired behaviors for ethical action through integrity and social awareness, and ensure that our employees demonstrate them in their actions.

We implement a system for delegating responsibility and managing our performance.

We are characterized by integrity and ethical behavior. This makes us reliable. Together we work and grow as a team. This ensures our success. In our dealings with each other we maintain presence, live respect and tolerance. Our open mind defines us.

We stand for


We recognize the needs of our customers and are a global provider of high-quality products, as well as exceptional services.


Our global and cross-working perspective creates room for constructive and creative action.


Through a common goal, we act passionately, independently, efficiently and solution-oriented in the interest of our domestic and foreign customers.

Innovation with passion

Our values

Entrepreneurship – we live it within the framework of an efficient use of resources, strategic process optimization, and systematic identification of market opportunities. We take responsibility for ourselves and others. We create and use agile ways of working while ensuring the necessary continuity of current business processes. We act in a balanced and sustainable way to secure current success and investment in the future.

Sustainability – we live it by examining projects in terms of their long-term benefits, economically and ecologically. The use of financial and human resources is planned, monitored and implemented through consistent project management

We show care for the environment by creating awareness of using scarce resources responsibly. We use our purpose and strategy to make an active contribution to society.

Innovation – we live and breathe it by adopting an open attitude towards new ideas and technical possibilities and integrating them beneficially into everyday life. We understand the importance of creativity, innovation and disruptive thinking when implementing our strategies. We set challenging goals to stimulate creative and innovative thinking.

Trust is the basis of our collaboration, as well as the expectation in others that they will perform their tasks independently, according to specific guidelines. Trust is expressed in the reliability on the work results of colleagues, as well as in honest communication with each other. We find the optimal solution for our customers, with the conviction that everyone gives his best.

Team spirit – as a team we work together and support each other. As a unit, we stand up for a common goal and identify with the result. We overcome challenges together. Whether it be mistakes or successes, no reference is made to individual persons.

Respect – is the basis of appreciation – towards oneself and towards others. Respect is given voluntarily because we recognize our counterpart as a personality. We meet each other on equal footing and tolerate other opinions, other views and differentiated world views. We respect each other.

Synergies in steel


Vast technological know-how and our expertise in steel, state-of-the-art certified production methods, consistently utilized synergies within the company group, and production exclusively at our own plant in Germany have made us what we are today: Technology and market leader in the field of disposal technology.

We develop solutions tailored to the requirements of your company.

Innovation is what drives us. Both in the design of internal processes and in the continuous development of our products and services. This guarantees a high level of reliability, efficiency and performance.